Birth Chart & Transit Study




165$ 30 mins

All Readings 250 $ 60 min deal

In this service we dissect sections of the Natal Chart as I teach you how to better study

and grow from your chart positions for deeper awareness. We will look at upcoming opportunities through the observations of planets as they move in the sky and affect you(your birth chart) and ways one can better prepare for them. The goal of this service is to provide you with information based on your chart to help you, Help yourself through issues and questions on topics in life. Your open to ask any questions about birth chart positions or upcoming transits(life effectors), retrogrades, full moons and further astrological study.

Readings are provided via Voice Recording unless requested and approved for video or phone chat.


Relationship (Synastry) Study

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185$ 30 mins

All Readings 250$ 60 min deal

In this service I  place you AND your partners chart together and show you how to find ways to further understand your relationship dynamic through astrology. We focus on common themes of the partnership that may be helpful or hurtful to your growth. Our thorough dissection of the chart should confirm intuitions or allow a fresh new perspective on its direction. This service is provided to better help you, help yourself use astrology to gain further insights on your one on one romantic, business, or family  relationships. 

Readings are provided via Voice Recording unless requested and approved for Video Chat


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Will Not Accept booking unless form is filled after purchase!