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Author / Astrologer / Artist

I’m an Author with 20 years of Astrological study, and chart interpretation with a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Education. I've done readings for people, all over the world using Western astrology systems. I teach the foundations of Astrology through my services and provide learning materials to enhance your educational experience. My specialty is making the complex study easy to comprehend and fun to learn. Astrology is an art that I have a great appreciation and respect for. I apply this thoughtfulness to the readings I give my clients and educational material I provide to learners of all walks of life. My goal is to leave you inspired and feeling empowered to keep thriving loving and living with a better self-understanding.  


In the time I'm not doing Astrology, I am a Sag-Aftra Actress with work on networks like NBC, HBO, Stars and Netflix. Im also a Multidisciplinary artist with skills in music and Fine art as well. "The Journey to becoming my own Astrologer." Photo credit DeAriesha M

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