Art by DeAriesha Mack


How It works

Philosophy and Approach

Astrology to me is a tool. Like a hammer one can build a house or tear it down. I basically see reading charts as a way of seeing opportunities that may be open to us depending on if we are doing the work on ourselves or stuck in our past unprepared for whats ahead of us. I do believe in free will and it is up to us to evolve and be responsible for what we know. Im not a psychic or diviner so there are some events I just cant see prevent or remedy using astrology but I do my best with what ive studied over the years to give one insight and or confirmation. I am NOT a Licensed Medical Professional or Psychologist so please be sure to consult these in addition with any Astrology readings for best results. 

Service Policy

Readings must be purchased prior to your appointment

Once you've purchased a reading via Paypal here are the next steps...

1. Under "Contact Us" Fill out the Form

2. In the Form write your EMAIL, NAME, DATE, TIME, PLACE of Individual(s) birth time as well as any question or questions you would like answered.

3. Email a screen shot or Copy of your receipt

4. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response

5. Please allow 7 to 14 bussiness days from when your email is received. 

6. 20$ fee for Rush Delivery in which you will receive your reading in 48 hrs

Refund Policy

I do not give refunds as that is very complicated with this type of service, However I do understand emergencies come up and if so this can be done within 24 hours of your purchase.

Behavior Policy

I give my clients the upmost appreciation and respect and this is what I ask for in return. I do not tolerate rude or bad behaviors such as constant emailing about reading arrival, harassment or bullying. I have the right to turn you down and refund you if I feel your making me uncomfortable or being disrespectful in any way. Lets please keep the peace and respect everyones differences.