The Planets for Children
(Myrah's Adventure)

An Astrology Book for Children! If you are seeking a way to give your kids an early start with learning the Planets & Celestial bodies in Astrology this is a Perfect start!

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Join little Myrah on her great adventure, where she explores the planets, and let's learn about Astrology!


8-year-old Myrah has an incredible dream life! every night, while she sleeps, her dreams take her on a beautiful fantasy adventure. Myrah gets the wonderful opportunity to visit different planets and celestial bodies. She takes you along on a journey to Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn –Together you will learn what each planet and celestial body represents in Astrology, while she discovers a lot about herself, too!


Each outstanding journey is described in a poem: fun to read, showing an amazing, colorful experience, while easily teaching children about Astrology, planets, and celestial bodies. The experiences give the basic characteristics of planets, helping your children understand Astrology from a young age. The beauty and wisdom of other worlds and dimensions are now simple and exciting – with just a bit of help from this extraordinary little girl, Myrah.


Start this fascinating journey with your kids now, and show them the wonders of Astrology!

For children that LOVE to color!

Here you can add to her wonderful experience in the stars and use your favorite colors. Each picture has objects that that help give an easy to learn example of the planets and Celestial body properties in Astrology. Now you can enjoy Myrah’s adventure and add your own creative twist.

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