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What You'll Get..

  • 10 modules of "Learning Relationship Astrology"

  • 5 Modules of "Basic Astrology Refresher"

  • Over 10 hours of Video Instruction


The course will be broken down into Presentation Module, A recorded video with my instruction, and a quiz at the end so that you can keep track of your progress

Here is what we will cover...

Learning Relationship Astrology

Week 1 - How Synastry helps – here I give a breakdown of a healthy approach to calculating and interpreting synastry charts.

Week 2 - Basic Compatibility – I go over the basic roots of astrological compatibility and show you the simplest way to understand how to instinctively match energies.

Week 3 – Reading the Chart Overlay – I show you my methods for how I break down charts and take notes on the planetary and house Overlays

Week 4 – The importance of Angels & Points – I will show you the effects of compatibility or incompatibility with sensitive angels of one’s chart. 

Week 5 – Planets in aspect – I will go over my way of explaining how the aspects can with or against you in Synastry in more depth and detail than my typical YouTube videos. 

Week 6 – House Overlays – In this week I discuss how one’s partner having planets within one of their 12 houses has a great effect on this.

Week 7 – Predicting Love – Here I show you the ways that I use to indicate opportunities to find a partner or see an upcoming teammate may be joining you. 

Week 8 – Discovering your partner – What if Astrology could tell you about the life of your partner before you meet them? Well, it can, this week I will show you how I study this. 

Week 9 – Using Software – a tutorial on the use of astrological software helpful in calculating synastry. 

Week 10 – The Composite chart – Here we will learn the details of the composite chart and how it affects your relationship. I show you how can calculate your composite chart and teach you about Midpoint, what they are, how they are helpful in this area, and exactly how to calculate them.

Week 11 – Bringing it all together – In this last week I use two real-life example couples. I will instruct you step by step on how I break down Synastry charts from beginning to end. We will bring everything that we learned together.



Basic Astrology Refresher

for those that need to brush up on skill or may feel lost at time learning synastry. They can always refer back to the basics conveniently within the same app. 

This just like any other part of the course can be taken at your own pace.


Module 1 – How charts Are Formed – I show you the basic configuration of a Birth chart


Module 2 – Zodiac signs – Here we go over the details and characteristics of each of the zodiac signs


Module 3 – All about Houses - In this module I break down the significant of the 12 houses. 


Module 4 – Interpreting Birth Charts – Here I show you my way of interpreting natal charts. 


Module 5 – How to use an Ephemeris – In this module I teach you ways you can use an ephemeris to find out a wealth of information for study and prediction. 



Astro Dee Connect App

As part of the course, you can be a member of my Astro Dee Connect App. This App includes
- Weekly live ZOOM Q & A sessions w/ Astro dee to personal Answer any questions
- If you choose you can become a part of the Astro Connect community where I hold a directory of singles. Here I alert you when I find a match for you according to your needs and let the planets do the rest. 
- Weekly Uploaded videos
- Share Astrological books, articles, and Transit updates
- Share my Astro Vegan Recipes , Videos & health tips



1 Free Astrology E book!

My Astrology E book to help assist you in your studies. 

Abc's of Astrology A beginners Guide to becoming your own Astrologer &

Abcs of Astrology A guide to relationship Synastry.

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