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Basic Astrology Refresher

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If you need a quick refresher, this ones for you. Basic Astrology Refresher for those that need to brush up on skill or may feel lost at time learning synastry. They can always refer back to the basics conveniently within the same app. This just like any other part of the course can be taken at your own pace. Module 1 – How charts Are Formed – I show you the basic configuration of a Birth chart Module 2 – Zodiac signs – Here we go over the details and characteristics of each of the zodiac signs Module 3 – All about Houses - In this module I break down the significant of the 12 houses. Module 4 – Interpreting Birth Charts – Here I show you my way of interpreting natal charts. Module 5 – How to use an Ephemeris – In this module I teach you ways you can use an ephemeris to find out a wealth of information for study and prediction.

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